WI Supreme Court Chief Justice warns “tough talk” threatens the court’s legitimacy. Eyes across WI roll.

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Groups and reporters have rightly pointed out that outside influences and special interest cash in SCOWIS races are the real threats to the high court’s legitimacy.

The SCoWIS Chief is not having it.

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack has publicly called out critics of the high court’s conservative majority, while requesting a cease-fire to what she called “tough talk” that dims the public’s view of the court’s legitimacy…

In the past, “most commentators did not state or imply that judges’ impartiality or judges’ ethics were subject to question because of the outcome of a particular decision,” Roggensack said. “Well, times have changed.”

Wisconsin State Journal

Here is Wisconsin State Journal ED Matthew Rothschil.

 “The conservative justices have made a laughingstock of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and it’s almost comical that Chief Justice Roggensack is offended by the laughter,” Rothschild said. “If she can’t stand the heat, she should get out of the chief justice’s chair — or clean up the court’s act.”


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