Breaking: Baton Rouge judge refuses to restore voting rights for 70,000 Louisiana residents who are on probation or parole for felonies

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For background on this case, see our post, Louisiana Supreme Court would hear challenge to felon disenfranchisement law, if trial court strikes it down today 

By MELINDA DESLATTE, Associated Press
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — More than 70,000 Louisiana residents on probation or parole for felony crimes will remain unable to vote, under a decision issued Monday by a reluctant Baton Rouge judge who said he disagreed with the prohibition in law but had to uphold it.
State District Judge Tim Kelley called it unfair to keep thousands of people from voting if they’re working, paying taxes and following the law. But he said Louisiana’s constitution and a four-decades-old state law required him to continue denying the voting rights.

“I don’t like this ruling. I don’t like it. It’s not fair,” Kelley said.

The lawsuit was filed by the group Voice of the Ex-Offender and eight convicted felons banned from voting. Lawyer Bill Quigley, representing the plaintiffs, said they will appeal.



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