Could Minnesota Supremes hear a suit alleging the state promotes school segregation in violation of the “education clause” of the MN Constitution?

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Bob Collins at MPR News has the story

The Minnesota Court of Appeals has derailed a lawsuit claiming that segregation in public schools has deprived children of the state’s constitutional right to an education.
The group One Family One Community and several parents sued the state of Minnesota, Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius, the Minnesota Senate, the Minnesota House of Representatives, Gov. Mark Dayton, then Senate President Sandra L. Pappas and House Speaker Kurt Daudt in November 2015.
“We are going to ensure that the Twin Cities become a national leader in educating children in the Twin Cities, and not as we are today, an absolute failure nationally — with one of the largest so-called learning gaps in the country,” John Shulman, one of the attorneys filing the suit on behalf of seven families,said in announcing it.


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