Lawsuit filed against MI & Gov Snyder for violating the MI Constitution by using public money to fund private schools 

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From ACLU blog.

 The ACLU of Michigan, public education leaders and parent groups from across Michigan will today file a lawsuit to prevent the state and Gov. Rick Snyder from funding private schools with public money. The lawsuit, in which the ACLU of Michigan is representing parent groups 482Forward and Michigan Parents for Schools, stems from a $2.5 million line item in the state budget that reimburses private institutions for state mandates.

“Not only is this attempt to divert tax dollars to parochial and private schools a violation of the Constitution, it diverts tax dollars from the public schools they’re intended to fund at precisely the time when our public schools need resources the most,” said Dan Korobkin, Deputy Legal Director for the ACLU of Michigan. “Moreover, this marks a slippery slope that weakens the bedrock principle of separation of church and state and opens the door for misguided funding schemes such as vouchers–which voters have already rejected.”

Michigan’s Constitution clearly states the use of public funds for private institutions is prohibited.


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