Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice asked to weigh in on judicial bias claim in $59M appeal

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Columbus Dispatch:

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is asking Ohio’s chief justice to remove of one of three appeals court judges hearing its case, arguing he is biased and made comments that “denigrated” Bill Lager, the founder of the school…

ECOT is facing the loss of up to $59 million in state funding from last school year after the Department of Education concluded the school failed to verify that many students were getting the minimum 920 hours of educational opportunities required by the state. ECOT is arguing the new log-in duration requirement was illegally implemented mid-way through the school year.

Appeals Court Judge Gary Tyack was particularly vocal during the hearing, questioning the e-school model of education, comparing Lager and the state’s other largest charter school operator, David Brennan, to Russian oligarchs. He also suggested that state lawmakers are overly influenced by Lager and Brennan.

ECOT’s request to remove Tyack from the case will be handled by Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, who rules on judicial disqualification cases.


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