Wow. A whopping 53% doubts the fairness of NC court outcomes, study finds

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Maybe these atrocious public polling numbers have something to do with the fact that the North Carolina General assembly can’t stop attacking the state court system.

WFAE by Chris Miller:

A panel studying North Carolina’s court system is recommending changes. It would be the first overhaul of the courts in the digital age. Mike Collins speaks with two of the panel’s co-chairs, including an associate justice on North Carolina’s Supreme Court.
It’s been two decades since North Carolina’s court system was given a thorough review. Previous looks in the 1950s and 1990s resulted in district courts being set up and focused attention on funding and judicial independence.

Another study, 15-months-long, has just concluded with a call to action for addressing eroding public confidence in the judicial system. The North Carolina on the Administration of Law and Justice found that 53 percent of the public doubts the fairness of court outcomes.


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