The fight to take down the Oregon Supreme Court ruling that recently imposed a $500k personal injury cap

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Catastrophically injured Oregonians ask for right to sue for more than $500,000 for suffering.
The Oregonian:

Amaia Rennie told a state senator that she was 35 years old, healthy and less than five months into her pregnancy when her water broke and she headed to the hospital.

But things went from bad to worse when medical staff made a series of errors, she said.

She ended up with a life-threatening infection that put her in a coma and sent her into surgery to repair her heart, she said. She lost both of her legs below the knee and nine fingertips. She could no longer have children, she said.

Rennie won a confidential settlement three years ago that allowed her to cover the $120,000 cost of a surrogate birth so she could become a parent and pay for the state-of-the-art prosthetic legs that help her keep up with her now 3-year-old.

The Portland-area woman spoke at the town hall meeting to let Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson know that she supports a bill that would lift the state’s $500,000 cap for pain and suffering damages awarded by juries in personal injury cases. If the cap had applied to her, Rennie said her prospects would have been even more grim.



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