Nebraska Supreme Court permits teachers to use anything short of corporal punishment, lawmakers push for more

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Conservative lawmakers in Nebraska are pushing for a bill that would allow teachers to use physical force to restrain disruptive students, bucking a national trend toward less physical restraint in classrooms.

Supporters defeated an attempt to kill the bill Monday, but they don’t appear to have the 33 votes required to overcome a filibuster.

Many states have passed laws in recent years moving away from the use of physical restraint, according to a December 2016 analysis from Jessica Butler, congressional affairs coordinator for the Autism National Committee. Nineteen states now have laws protecting all children from physical restraint except in cases of an emergency threatening physical danger and 22 have such laws for children with disabilities, up from three and five in 2009….

Nebraska’s Supreme Court ruled in 1999 that teachers could use physical contact short of corporal punishment to preserve order. An amendment proposed by Sen. Roy Baker of Lincoln and supported by many of the bill’s opponents would replace Groene’s bill with a single sentence drawn from the court’s decision.


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