She witnessed over 1000 grisly traffic accidents. Now MO High Court considers her worker’s compensation case

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Ozarks First:

The Missouri Supreme Court’s heard arguments over Worker’s Compensation benefits for a Missouri Department of Transportation worker.

Linda Mantia was diagnosed with multiple disorders after being exposed to graphic scenes at fatality accidents while employed as a maintenance supervisor in St. Louis County
She made her case for compensation in 2008 before an Administrative Law Judge at the state Department of Labor. There, she testified to have been on the scene at more than 1,000 road accidents over a 20 year period, pinpointing 14 especially grisly fatalities.
In one of them, she said she’d witnessed a person being beheaded, and while walking, inadvertently kicked the decapitated head.
She testified she would hide her feelings by resorting to dark humor about the incidents. She explained that she was the only woman in her crew and didn’t want her male coworkers to think that she wasn’t tough.


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