Several states ban conversion therapy. NJ Sup Crt found the discredited practice unlawful. Will others?

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Karen Fratti has this piece for Romper:

The fight for LGBTQ equality is far from over, especially when you consider that gay conversion therapy is still legal in most states. Last year, Democrats attempted to pass a bill in the House that would outlaw the practice of institutions who attempted to “change” LGBTQ identifying children and individuals, but it didn’t get very far. On Tuesday, Democrats introduced the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act, which would ban conversion therapy by labeling it as fraudulent. So far, it has 21 co-sponsors in the Senate, which is two more than last year, and 67 co-sponsors in the House, which is far fewer than the 96 from last year…

There are an additional 20 states that have introduced bills banning the practice and a New Jersey Supreme Court concluded that “misrepresenting homosexuality as a disorder” breaks consumer protection laws. While the consumer laws don’t necessarily speak to LGBTQ equality, it is a very creative way to end the practice. Especially since the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Pediatric Association, among other medical organizations have deemed it ineffective.



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