Trump “absolutely” might break up the fed court that ruled against him. Politicians have also tried splitting state supreme courts for political gain

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According to The Hill, Trump says he’s “absolutely” considering breaking up The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for ruling against him.

President Trump is considering breaking up the Ninth Circuit Court after a federal district court judge in its jurisdiction blocked his order to withhold funding from “sanctuary cities.”

Florida Republicans tried to split the Florida Supreme Court back in 2011 in order to gain political advantage. 

House Speaker Dean Cannon’s bold plan to overhaul the Florida Supreme Court gathered steam Thursday, as a Republican-controlled House committee endorsed the proposed changes and Democrats opposed them, as did the Florida Bar and some judges.

Cannon wants to break the seven-member Supreme Court into two separate five-member tribunals, one to handle only civil cases and the other to hear only criminal cases, similar to systems in Texas and Oklahoma. That would give Gov. Rick Scott three appointments to the state’s highest court.

The power grab ultimately failed. It was designed to move the Democratic-appointed justices off the Supreme Court because Republicans (who controlled the governors mansion in the legislature) were frustrated with rulings that they saw as “activist.” This would have given the Republican governor a chance to appoint the new justices, essentially packing the court.

States like Arizona have recently successfully added seats to their Supreme Courts in an effort to gain political advantage.

The current plan that Trump touts has actually been floated by Senate Republicans for quite some time. 


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