Most state Supreme Court Justices aren’t elected. How are your Supremes picked?

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“Only 22 states elect state Supreme Court judges via residents casting a vote on their ballot…The alternative election processes can help avoid electing judges based on their policy views, campaign dollars and how well they sold the people on their platform. This speaks directly to our system of checks and balances, which the White House is threatening by denouncing the judicial branches’ capabilities of electing a judge through other means.”

The Brennan Center has this interactive map. Check out how your state selects and re-selects judges:

Judicial Selection is Complex. States select judges differently depending on both the level of state court and what type of judicial vacancy is being filled. Each state has several levels of courts, ranging from the trial court level to the state supreme court level. The type of vacancy, or “Phase” of selection, depends on when the seat becomes open and whether it involves an incumbent judge seeking re-selection for an additional term on the court.


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