Supreme Top 10: April news from the FL Sup Crt. #SCoFL

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Here’s the round up from State Supremes top 10 stories from the Florida Supreme Court for April:

  1. FL Supreme Court denies State Attorney’ request to win back murder cases that Gov. Scott reassigned
  2. FL Supreme Court: Immigration agenda is not part of juvenile courts dependency review for kids seeking residency
  3. FL voters want a say in approving any new casinos and FL Supremes brought them one step closer
  4. #Breaking: FL Supreme Court approves ballot measure that could restore #votingrights for almost 2M ex-felons.
  5. FL Supreme Court will not reconsider ruling that upheld ban on people openly carrying guns in public
  6. Benchslap: FL Supreme Court reinstates temporary block on abortion waiting period.
  7. Rich, racist guy who called Barack Obama an “animal” is in charge of FL’s Constitutional Revision Commission. #SCoFL
  8. Editorial: FL House took a “hard swipe at an independent judiciary.” This is “retribution masquerading as reform”
  9. Breaking: FL Supreme Court tosses 2 death penalty sentences because jury was not unanimous.
  10. FL Sup Crt denies motion for rehearing in foreclosure action case

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