Wisconsin Supreme Roundup: Top 10 news items for April. #SCoWIS

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  1. WI Supreme Court must adopt recusal rules for conflicts.
  2. WI Supreme Court Chief Justice warns “tough talk” threatens the court’s legitimacy. Eyes across WI roll.
  3. WTF: No, Gov Walker. The independent judicial watchdog group should not be placed under WI Supreme Court control.
  4. No Right to Counsel After Defendant Failed to Cooperate with Appointed Lawyers
  5. WI court: Sorry, 🦌 🦌. Man did not violate baiting ban w/ pumpkins by deer hunting stands. Could SCoWIS take it? 
  6. Conservative WI Sup Crt Justice runs unopposed for 2nd 10-year term
  7. WI Sup Court denies new trial for La Crosse murders case, rejects constitutional jury bias claim
  8. WI Sup Court takes up petition filed by 54 retired judges to establish recusal threshold. 
  9. Surely you jest: Justice Shirley Abrahamson questions secret tie vote at SCoWIS
  10. The entire Wisconsin Supreme Court just AGREED on something! #SCoWIS

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