Protesters call for antigay Kentucky family court judge to resign

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Excerpt from Bowling Green Daily News:

Chadwick Shockley had a friendly chat with 43rd Circuit Family Court Judge Mitchell Nance last month, the two catching up with each other.

A former legal consultant who now works for Barren County Schools, Shockley and his husband raise three children in Glasgow.

Shockley said nothing could have prepared him for the order that Nance issued April 27 recusing himself from hearing adoption cases involving one or more gay parents, in which Nance expressed his belief “as a matter of conscience that under no circumstance” would adoption by a “practicing homosexual” be in the best interest of a child.
“I felt like I was kicked in the head by his statement, which infers that I am not a suitable parent,” Shockley said Wednesday before a protest outside the Barren County Courthouse against the judge, who presides over family court in Barren and Metcalfe counties.

About a dozen demonstrators gathered at the foot of the courthouse steps to call for Nance to resign his judgeship.

Since issuing his order, Nance has become a lightning rod for critics who assert that his self-termed “conscientious objection” to adoption by gay parents renders him unable to give a fair hearing on any matter that comes before him involving one or more gay parties.



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